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"An on the fly" audio editor so that your evidence can be edited and given to your client at the investigation if you so choose. This will be an add on available for purchase at a very minimal cost, and will work with both the GCC, A.E.V.P.S., and the Spirit Light as well as 3rd party apps. Features will also include a built in frequency creator, bi-neural settings, and much more.
When setting up a date for an investigation this app reviews weather settings, ions, *solar flares, *EM storms, moon phases, and more in order to give you the top 3 dates in a month of the best time to schedule your investigation. (* the maximum time frame to predict solar activity is 3 days but as this changes so will the app).  You can then pick your dates and send an email to your team, client, or anyone else you would like showing the top 3 days and why they are.  Best part about will be FREE
 A type of paranormal investigation tool that allows the spirit to show it'self on your phone.  It uses video ITC techniques that are available through your phone.  You can video a session and run an EVP session as well at the same time.  We cannot guarantee you will see spirits every time as this is an experimental piece of equipment but what we can say is that this type of spirit communication has been very effective in the past.  Imagine capturing audio and video at the same time and also readings match to the audio and video.  This is not a blip on a screen or words that just pop up.  This is something you most likely never experienced before.
and more to come.


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