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Home of the Ghost Catcher Camera, The Spirit Light, Paranormal Activity Logger, and A.E.V.P.S.

Exciting news over here.  The A.E.V.P.S. (Automatic E.V.P. Session) is “almost” ready for our testing phase and if it tests anything like the physical prototype we should be able to have some fun with this one.  For more of a description on all our tools click on the corresponding link above.  We also will be releasing another smaller application shortly after the A.E.V.P.S. is released.  The application will be an E.V.P.  Reviewer and Editor.  Some of the special features that will be available will be the ability to slow down or speed up the E.V.P., the ability to loop the audio, as well listen to the E.V.P. in reverse.  You will be able to clip and save the specific portions on the recording and the saved files will be stored directly on your phone.  Editing will allow you to clip areas based on the time of the file and by sliding the marker to a certain area on the file.  It can pull your files from your Paratools folder if you have the G.C.C. or The Spirit Light and the A.E.V.P.S. when that becomes available as well.

This a fantastic add-on to our tools and we are very excited about it.  The pricing will be extremely fair in the Google Play Store and if you have our 3 other tools already and purchase the A.E.V.P.S. you will get the E.V.P. Editor for FREE.  Spread the word.  Another way you can receive it for free is to have friends come to the store and when 10 people purchase the A.E.V.P.S. you can email us the names to verify and we will send you the E.V.P. Editor for FREE.

We have many other exciting designs in the works that will be in development soon.  We are also toying with the idea of being able to bring you hand held physical tools of what our applications do.  IF we decide to move in that direction, you will hear it here first and some tools will only be available as physical tools as the phone will not allow the capability of what we have in mind.

Please also if you like gaming either board games or card games based on the HORROR genre visit our sister site at  The game themes as of this time are around demonic possession and exorcism called “You are Possessed”.  The others are based around 6 brutal serial killers and who can collect the biggest body count as you play both the victim and a serial killer.  GOOD STUFF!!

Come back soon to visit and we will have updates as they occur.

Happy Hunting – Ed – Paratools


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