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Formed in 2011, Paratools had one main objective: "Revolutionize The Paranormal One Tool At A Time".  Since that time 4 never seen before paranormal tools were born.  Our apps. hold some of the highest ratings for paranormal tools in Google Play.  As of 12-2016 0ver 10,000 applications have been sold world wide.  Pricing is something we are very sensitive about as well.  The prices have been determined by a want and need to put this in the hands of both professional and 1st time investigators by keeping the pricing very low.  Other paranormal app. companies are charging up to 12 times what we have as pricing.  Very simple, we wanted to make this affordable to EVERYONE. Since it's inception we have been featured on many radio shows worldwide.  We are proud to say we are also supplying Dead X Chronicles with the latest and greatest equipment in the field.  Watch their upcoming series!!  In 1/2017 we decided to partner with Phoenix Rising Talent Agency and will be touring conferences starting in March. The ideas for the experimental ground breaking tools have come from many years as an investigator in the paranormal field.  Before any application is released in the Google Play store it endures rigorous testing and is only released once true paranormal evidence has been captured by the application.  Every word in our descriptions is carefully thought out as we stake our reputation on what we say. Moving forward we have objectives to take Paratools to the next level by converting the apps. into handheld physical tools for use without a phone.  Currently we are experimenting with some theories which we feel may be able to move us 1 step closer to a definitive way  to have contact with those who have passed.  Our holy grail would be finding the right combination of methods to make contact whenever anyone so chooses.  There are devices for communication at this time but all are interpretive and we want better. So stay on the lookout for innovative and revolutionary new tools to one day crack the communication code. -Ed Paratools-


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